a mexican musician

holbox, mexico


"I met a musician once...

by the beach
and he sang for me, in the turquoise sea
his hair flowing in the wind...
his voice fleeing from his soul...
his eyes diving into mine.

the clear quartz on his neck
shined in the sun
and I noticed he noticed
my many crystal rings.

it was a sunny afternoon
a slow & serene afternoon
on a little mexican island.

he didn't just play, he said,
he also composed.
through my ears vibrated
such carefully crafted melodies
such cleverly combined words.

did I just photograph?
I wondered.

maybe I paid my respects
to the mystery of it all -
the lovely complexity of a human,
the simple beauty of an island -
by witnessing first and then,
in reverence,
pushing a button.

his name was benjamin
and he had big dreams,
I think I did too.

I’ll never see him again, which is fine by me.
but wherever he is,
I hope he’s singing."

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